Friday, May 22, 2009

Chapter Art Show

The SDP Chapter I belong to held it's sixth annual art show last Wed. night. This chapter is fairly new. The membership has no CDA's or MDA's. They are mostly people that just want to paint a little once a month. There is one member that is a teacher that holds classes every week. I must say that everyone's painting efforts have really improved. Some still have a good distance to go, but at least they try and are having a good time doing it.
I teach a class there once in a while. One of the students has entered two of his paintings, one last year and one this year. I am proud to say that he has won a ribbon both years.
The rest of the ribbons were won by mostly the same folks that win every year.

It was a very nice evening...nice decorations, very nice prizes and great food!
If you are ever invited to a Quaker State Chapter function...go..the food is always homemade and mmmmmm good.!!
Jeannie Chase and Dave Hinkel worked extremely hard to make this the best show since they began.
Congratualtions to all the entrants!! Your painting efforts are much apprectiated!! Keep Painting!!



P.S. no..I didn't win anything, I was just happy to be there.
(I really only go for the food!) LOL

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Living your dream

Last week my friend asked me if I wanted to go to Owen J. Roberts High School in Chester County Pa. to see The Hunt family. "They play the fiddle and step dance" (Irish dancing). So On Saturday May 16 we went. I was looking forward to listening to the music and watching what I thought would be a mediocre performance. After all, I had never heard of them and they were performing to a half filled school auditorium. I couldn't have been more wrong.
The family comes to the school district and gives demonstrations throughout the district all week. They end with the Friday night performance.
Every school district should have them come for a week. They were sponsored by the Delaware Valley Arts Consortium, the School district and several corporate businesses.
The family consists of The Dad, College grad in biology and the Mom, a music major college grad. The children range in age from 19 twin girls) and then five boys, the youngest being 9. They had this dream of being a musical family and they are. They support the family with their talent. They all play the fiddle...the mom taught each one using the Susuki method when they were very young. They also play the guitar, drums and keyboard. They all step dance. Some are ranked and have won world championships in Ireland and Scotland. The family has performed at Busch Gardens for three years. They have a resume that has too many entries to list.
They are from Chesapeake Virginia. If you ever find them performing near you
don't hesitate to go to the show. You won't be disappointed.
Now I always wanted to play the violin....I wonder if they teach this "Suzuki method" to old people like me???? My husband just laughs.....


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

What a wonderful weekend!! We didn't do much really other then spend the time fancy meals or presents....just a card and a first effort for one of them amking quiche...was really good!! I say it every year...I am trully blessed. My two girls are the best ever. I will take some credit for guidance, but in the end the credit is to their efforts at being the responsible adults they have become.
I hope everyone that was able to spend time with their children had a great day....and if you were unable to spend the time this is only a label for one can peel it off and move it to another time and celebrate it then. In our family we have to do that doesn't matter what is that you do it.

Have a great evening!!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Welcome to my Blog!!

Today is a momentous occasion! Blogging...What the heck is blogging???? I don't even know what the letters stand for. Oh well, no one ever accused me of not having anything to say!!

I recently went to the Jansen Art Studio for a seminar. Some of those folks are bloggers and post such wonderful pictures and commentary. I have been inspired. Suddenly I can forsee the future of my blogs...everyone will just hang on my every word and will not be able to sleep until they have read of my doings and musings for the day...provided I have any!!

So I will simply get these blog settings started and see how it goes!!

Have a great rest of your day!!