Friday, June 5, 2009

The weekend is almost here....

The week is over...where did it go? I still have so much to accomplish. I guess those items will have to be forwarded to Monday.
A rainy day ..again.. makes finishing planting a no go. And no grass mowing. That will have to be put over to Sat and Sun mornings....cause afternoons are boating time. There was a time I would mow in the rain just to get done. We have a new mower now. Poor thing has not experienced these 2 acres yet, but it is a John Deere...and nothing runs like a Deere!! But it is the hubby's new toy and so I won't deprive him of having fun. The last one was still going and it was over thirty years old.
I will be going to paint with my friends on Sunday. The rest of the family and shipmates will be enjoying the Chesapeake. WE of course will solve the problems of the world while painting beautiful things. (grin)
On a sad note, my friend Sally had to have her dog put down. She was old and sick....such a shame. I sent her a Rainbow Bridge. It always makes me cry when I have to do that. The thought is so lovely. So I will be taking Sally to paint with us and she will be cheered while she is with us.
The weekend awaits and I need to get move on it!!



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