Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a weekend!!

Well I know Thursday doesn't really start the weekend, but I was given two tickets....or I should say say re-aquired two tickets to Rainbow Music Theater in Paradise, Pa. The show was entitled "There Goes the Bride". A real romp with non stop comedy.... The food wasn't too bad either!! And surprise hubby was actually available to go with...AND he said he thought it was a good show..he had a good time!!. Could have knocked me over with a feather!! If you are near by, you should go..of course there is a little secret....there are a LOT of white haired folks that if you aren't into seeing a bunch of older folks, then you should stay home. Of course the best part is saying that..... we were the youngest people there!! LOL

On Sunday I helped my daughter celebrate a birthday. I bought three tickets to Les Miserables (something she has wanted to see)at the Fulton Opera House in Lancaster City. Her sister treated us to lunch at Carrs. The show was very good, but a little loud. I have always liked this small intimate theater. Some very good talent seems to be in the shows. I recall the last time we were there for Fiddler on the Roof. The part of Teva was unsurpassed. I am always delighted each time I go. I been to many shows on Broadway in New York City and although the names aren't household words and the stage is a third the size, the talent seems to be huge.
Our lunch was good. The food was tasty. Although I think the attitude of the employees could have been better the service was excellent. My daughter, whose job is to recommend places such as this to the tourist bureau, said that when she was there before the service was not up to par....she said she was pleasantly surprised, but then they weren't busy at the time. However I would go again....
just to see.
So this ends our weekend....back to the grind of Monday-Friday....


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