Thursday, June 4, 2009

Musings on Thursday

Thursdays can be such dull days. Much like the month of February. Nothing worse then Thursday in February! Thank goodness it is just a rainy day in June. There is absolutely nothing worthwhile on TV on Thursday evening.

Today is my daughter's birthday and although we are going to a play next Sunday, we would normally go to dinner tonight. Unfortunately she isn't feeling too well. She and her husband are getting over a virus. Michael actually was home from work for two whole days...he must have felt really horrible for that to happen!! So I will take her out on Saturday for some sunshine and R&R on the boat if she feels up to it. Michael will probably go shoot clay pigeons if he feels better.

Painting has been slow this week. I finished David's Seminar pieces right after the seminar. I think they look pretty okay. I have three projects in the final stages and of course I am bored with them and want to start something new....or two somethings....well three actually. I finished..completely... two seascapes..the third I am dragging my feet for some reason. It is the same as one I just just needs a little bit..the frame is done already.

I have a Rosemary West that is we did at Chapter..that just needs some line work on the edges...since I didn't paint it on the recommended surface.
And I went to a one day Seminar with Ros Stallcup. Never painted with her.
That class was one day of a five day seminar at Chapter also. She is a very nice lady and comes around to each person. I appreciate that when I go to a big brush seminar. I didn't do well with her style. I was glad she was so helpful. I was going to mix my own palette from Traditions, but then didn't. I am not sure if that would have helped, but I have to blame it on something..couldn't possibly be me!! In the end I reverted to my own blended style. I always have the best groomed roosters in the barnyard!! That is another project I put on a different surface...looks good on there though...the part I have finished. I recently told someone when they were complaining that their painted piece was bad, that I thought it looked good, and it did to me, so I told her not to be so hard on herself. Maybe I should take my own advice. We are our own worst critic..I am never satisfied. One every piece there is always something that could be better. I have simply learned to finish them and hope for better results next time. So that is what I will do with these pieces. It is always amazes me that I will have painted something and be very proud of it. And then two years later I look at it again and say "What were you thinking!! Looks like amateur hour!!"

Well some goods news just came. I need to celebrate it. No I didn't win the lottery!! Darn....



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